List of Magic: The Gathering sets

Core Sets

Magic made it debut with the printing of Alpha in August of 1993. The core sets are designed generally with more basic rules than many of the expansion sets. They are deigned to be an introduction for new players, although many core sets contain highly valuable and powerful cards. In July 2009, Wizards adopted a new method for its core sets beginning with Magic 2010. It has been announced that each new core set will be launched every July.

Core Sets do not usually contain any major themes. Many cards in core sets are reprints from older sets or go on to be reprinted in later sets.

Set Symbol Release Date
Alpha None August 1993
Beta None October 1993
Unlimited None December 1993
Revised None April 1994
Fourth Edition None April 1995
Fifth Edition None March 1997
Sixth Edition 6thEdition_Common.gif April 1999
Seventh Edition 7thEdition_Common.gif April 2001
Eighth Edition 8thEdition_Common.gif July 2003
Ninth Edition 9thEdition_Common.gif July 2005
Tenth Edition 10thEdition_Common.gif July 2007
Magic 2010 Magic2010_Common.gif July 2009
Magic 2011 Magic2011_common.gif July 2010

Expansion Sets

Scars of Mirrodin Block
Scars of Mirrodin scarsiconsmall.png October 1, 2010